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House Insurance — Insurance in Clinton, TN
Car Crash — Insurance in Clinton, TN
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Steve Pyatt Insurance, located in Clinton, TN has been solving our customers insurance problems since 1980. The insurance landscape has seen a massive shift in portability, accessibility, and most of all, CHOICE! Our customers come here looking for a sane, logical explanation, paired with some very smart advice. You will find that same level of expert help and friendly direction right here at Steve Pyatt Insurance every day.

Home, Light Industrial, Small Business - We Can Take Care of That

Steve Pyatt Insurance has programs to fit every budget and insurance capabilities that cover most anything. We make our homeowner policy offerings easy to understand. You have a question, we are going to answer it. It's just that simple.

Business and light industrial policies are a must-have. Your business is unique and that means your policy needs to be created to adapt with your ever-changing requirements. We have been building these policy's for well over 35 years. Tell us what you need and trust our experts to work with you in making a policy that works for you.
Home Insurance — Insurance in Clinton, TN

Cars, Boats, Motorcycles & More

If it floats or rolls, we have a policy for that. Affordable insurance is not a myth, it can be found right here. We work with an excellent group of insurers and can craft a great policy that covers every other kind of vehicle you can think of. We also provide immediate SR22 filing.
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Give our team a call today at (865) 457-2968 and let's get started.
I have used Steve Pyatt from the very beginning. My mother has used him as an insurance agent for as long as I can remember. He and his secretary, Alicia, have always been a pleasure to work with. They are always happy to answer any questions and always look for the best price to cover your needs. They are very personable and will work with you any way they can. They have stayed at the office late, just so I can get a payment in on the due date before. One time we had a sewage backup in our basement. Our insurance policy didn't cover it. It was thousands of dollars worth of damage. Steve felt bad that we did not have a rider on our policy that covered that and ended up paying ServePro for the cleanup himself.